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Building the Alternative Markets

Capital markets advisory group specialising in the alternative credit sector.

Advisory services

Arbour works with asset managers seeking:

  • The full context and detailed understanding of an alternative asset market.

  • Introduction to potential investment counterparts with capability and integrity.

  • Completion of large or complex strategic transactions.

New Market Entry

Private capital markets are evolving rapidly. Volatility in public stock and bond markets, political uncertainties and changing technology are driving rapid growth in alternative investments. Arbour works with institutions and asset managers seeking the right strategy and the best entry points to build a sustainable presence in our market.

Capital Transactions

Institutional investors are increasingly looking for ways to commit capital with scale and scope through bespoke arrangements. Arbour works with LPs and GPs to complete large SMAs, funds of one and other large capital transactions.

Strategic Combinations

After a period of rapid growth in alternative asset markets, consolidations and joint ventures are increasingly the best next step for asset managers. Arbour’s experienced partners and our advisory network are able to advise on the full end to end process for potential acquirers of specialist asset managers or entities seeking joint venture partners.

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Who we are 

Arbour Partners LLP is an FCA-regulated advisory group founded in 2010 to provide independent insight and to help asset managers to bring new solutions to the alternative investment market.


Our clients

Arbour works with asset managers with:

  • Compelling and unique strategies providing edge.

  • Experienced and cohesive teams who have relevant track of working together that can effectively and efficiently scale AUM.

  • Strong motivation to build lasting franchises with integrity. Managers advised by Arbour have since deployed over $50bn of capital in alternative credit.



For an introduction to an Arbour partner or advisor or to discuss your organisation’s plans and needs do get in touch

+44 7837 622346

26C Bloomsbury Square

London WC1A 2PJ, England


Arbour Partners LLP is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), reference number 522323.

For all business in the European Economic Area, Arbour cooperates with Arqore GmbH

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